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Menna Laura Meijer is self-taught and became a director by accident. While researching for an article on a group graffiti boys in Rotterdam, Netherlands, television producer Bob Visser suggested writing a documentary film plan instead of an article and so she did.

In 1997 Tags, her first film, premiered in Rotterdam at an illegal rave party which was shut down by police during the credit roll. Tags is Meijer’s first film, the base of Meijer’s work and the beginning of a now 20-year collaboration with her crew. Later films as Girls (2003), 69 Love Sex Senior (2013) and Now something is slowly changing (2018) still refer to Tags in style, use of music and edit. Even though Meijer began filming accidentally, she has been making acclaimed films ever since. Meijer is convinced that one day it will end as unintentionally as it started.

Since the film Sex? Yes Please! in 2015 Meijer stopped directing under her name. She now uses the credit mint film office for her work. "I wanted to create space between me as the filmmaker and the film. Deleting my name and using the name of my company makes that space concrete."

Now something is slowly changing
We Margiela
Sex? Yes Please!
69: Love Sex Senior
Kyteman - Now What?
Sweety. The Friends, Betrayal and Murder of Maja Bradaric
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